Oral histories of Baldwin County residents, Baldwin County, Alabama DVDs  1-35

What began as a Foley High School history project recording oral histories of Baldwin County residents on VHS tapes in the early 1990s is now a new DVD collection for interested public. Filmed interviews by high school students recorded more than one hundred and twenty residents.
Through the efforts of the Baldwin County Genealogical Society, the City of Foley Museum and Archives, and the Foley Public Library, the VHS tapes have been converted by BCGS member Glen Wilson to DVDs to be more accessible to the public.  It should be noted that some of the recordings have poor sound and /or lighting. But the historical and genealogical value remains.
The collections are located in the Alabama, Local History and Genealogy Collections of the Foley Library and the City of Foley Museum. Copies are available for circulation by the interested public. Below is an alphabetical listing.  Most discs have multiple interviews. Asterisk denotes an interview also by author Tom Stoddard for his book “Foley steps forward”.

Ballard, Lillian1998D-14 *Mikkelsen, Ruth1998D-13
Beech, Gould and Mary 1993D-28*Miller, James     2000D-22
Benton, Geo. H. “Bubba”       1998D-09*Miller, James     1996D-14
Bingert, Karl & Enid      2000D-21*Mills, Erma (White)    1998D-02
*Boller, Charles     2000D-19*Moore, Norman  2000D-17
*Bon Secour Fisheries   1993D-29*Moyer, Glen      2000D-31
Boggs, Richard      1998D-23*Murchinson, Grover , MD  1997D-01
*Brackins, W. E. “Buddy”      2000D-25Nelson, Jane Elizabeth       1993D-36
*Buskins, Joy Calloway 1993D-20Nygaard, Paul     2000D-20
Caldwell, Edward “Pat”   1998D-20Overstreet, Curtis Gene      1992D-33
Callaway,  Margarite “Midge”  1998D-06*Parker, Sam, Jr.2000D-15
*Christensen, Virgil 1993D-31Potzer, William  1998D-13
*Cleverdon, Paul     1993D-34Rhodes, Emily   1998D-06
*Cole, Hugh    1992D-26*Rich, Oscar and Doris      1993D-06
*Craft, R. C.    2000D-24Roberts, Theresa K.   1993D-30
*Crosby, J.W. 2000D-36Robinson, Grace1993D-36
Crosby, Vieva 1993D-25Russell, Richard 2000D-04
Davis, Skip and Patricia  1997D-16*Russell, Tim     1998D-19
Duke, Geo. William “Billy”       1998D-24*Russell, Tim    2000D-12
Ebert, Charles John, Jr.   1998D-35Schnatz, Betty  1993D-32
*Ebert, Charles John, Jr.  2000D-33Schultz, Edna Thompson  1993D-03
*Ebert, Wyline 1993D-27*Schultz, Gus   1993D-04
Gause, Thomas and Georgia   1993D-25*Schultz, Paul   1992D-35
*Ginwright, Benny   2000D-11Smith, Hector “Buddy”       1993D-11
Harbor, Ivan    1998D-03Southern, Minnie Ella 1998D-09
Harris, Margie J. (Denton)       1993D-35*St. John, Sewell       1998D-23
Hagle, Dorothy M.   1998D-04Stiffler, Gerry     1998D-15
Hartley, Edith  1998D-22Stir, John          1998D-07
*Haupt, John George1992D-02*Stewart, James E. (Jim)  1998D-26
Heard, Walter  2000D-11*Survant, Evelyn: early years     1994D-29
Heinz, James  1998D-05*Survant, Evelyn (Gaar)      1993D-08
Hellmich, Frank and Kitty2000D-18*Survant, Evelyn (Gaar)      2000D-08
Henson, Pet (Hinson)      1998D-09Thorpe, Mae      1998D-23
Hinote, Dorothy       1993D-30Turner, Alton      1998D-15
*Holk, Arthur   1993D-21*Underwood, Claude   1998D-12
Hollis, Wayne 1998D-09Wallace, Bonnie 1998D-05
*Holmes Hospital, Tour of------D-32 Wallace, William  H. 1998D-18
*Holmes, Philomene1993D-31Walker, Stanley M.   1998D-04
*Holmes, Roy O.     1998D-12Wenzel, Hela (Donaldson)unk  D-17
Horace, Louis  1998D-23Wilson, Maddy 1993D-29
*Howell, Marion and Cecil2000D-16*Wright, Jim     2000D-30
Hudson, Robert and Betty       1998D-22*Woerner,  Fred, Jr. 1998D-19
*Irwin, Francis “Doc”2000D-27Woerner, Herbert     1993D-28
Johnson, Fern 1993D-27Wood, Pat       1998D-07
Johnson, Patsy Lambert  1998D-24
Johnson, SylverunkD-16
*Jones, Ivan    1993D-34
*Kaiser, Anthony    2000D-13
*Kaiser, George      1993D-04
Killian, Alice   1998D-06
*Kinsey, Dan  2000D-21
Krueger, Walter     1993D-33
*Lemler, Ann  1998D-02
McCarthy, Barry V.1998D-03
McGhee, Sandra    1993D-29