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Picking a Book

Volunteer at the Foley Public Library

You Can Help!

Volunteering at the Foley Public Library helps the library to provide services to our community. We need volunteers to shelve books, run the bookstore, help with events and more to come with our new building in 2024.

Volunteer placements are based on the needs of the library.

Volunteer Application

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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What do Volunteers help with at the library?

○ Shelving books

○ Running the bookstore

○ Working events

How much of a time commitment will there be?

○ Usually about 3 hours

Is the schedule the same every week?

○ Shelving is the same every week

○ Bookstore has a calendar to sign up for what days you want to work

○ Events are on an 'as needed' basis

What age requirement is needed to volunteer?

○ 18 years and older

○ If completing hours for school groups such as

National Honor Society, 13 and older

Can I complete court ordered service hours?

○ We do not accept court ordered service

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